Antai has initiated a number of student exchange programs with partners at top world business schools.

MBA Exchange Program
The IMBA program is unique in that it offers students global perspectives with Chinese focus. The program is completely taught in English, featuring professors from different cultural backgrounds and a variety of exchange programs. For international students,  Chinese language classes are offered free of tuition at any from beginner to advanced levels by  SJTU’s School of International Studies, alongside the MBA courses.

Our IMBA program attracts top domestic applicants and international students. The IMBA program is a good choice for MBA exchange students seeking to study both Eastern & Western business concepts and practices.

We have MBA exchange programs with these schools

Undergraduate Exchange Programs

Our College facilitates undergraduate student exchanges with these schools

Doctoral-level Exchanges

Doctoral student exchanges are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Please speak to the international or student exchange office at your school to arrange a doctoral-level exchange.