About ACEM




The Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) Program at ACEM aims to cultivate high-level, highly qualified, and versatile professional talents in the accounting field. This program is based on the leadership in the field of management as well as the university. It is featured as international, informational, and socially adaptable, and is committed to cultivating CFOs with strategic and international minds.

Approved by the Ministry of Education, the ACEM Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) program first enrolled students in 2004.


1. Master modern accounting theories and practices as well as relevant knowledge and skills in the professional accounting industry.

2. Be able to learn and think strategically in the complex business environment.

3. Be the high-level, high-quality, and versatile accounting talents with managerial skills.


The Master of Auditing (MAud) program at ACEM is set up to satisfy the urgent needs for professional auditing talents due to the economic development in China, to enhance the auditing talent education system, to develop auditing talent cultivation mode, and finally to improve the quality of auditing talent education. MAud program is committed to foster the high-level auditing talents with global vision, noble professional ethnics, practical knowledge and skills in the fields of government audit, CPA audit and internal audit.

Approved by the Ministry of Education, the ACEM Master of Auditing (MAud) program first enrolled students in 2011.


1. Have good political and ideological quality and noble auditing professional ethnics.

2. Master basic theories of modern auditing and knowledge and skills in relevant fields.

3. Have global vision and practical ability.

4. Be top-level professional auditors in the fields of governmental auditing, CPA auditing and internal auditing.

Program Features

The courses in the MPAcc/MAud Program at ACEM are designed from two perspectives, i.e., 1) internationally, informationally and socially adaptable, and 2) theory, strategy and practice. These courses follow the principles of accounting and auditing professions. They include lectures, simulated training in laboratory, and field visits and internship in companies, to help students learn practically.


MPAcc faculty team at ACEM includes famous experts, scholars, industry professionals and elites in the business. Among them, more than half are PhD supervisors, 83% have doctor degrees, over 90% have overseas experience, and more than 95% have practical experience.

Compulsory Courses (Subject to change)

Business English, Advanced Financial Accounting Theory and Practice, Advanced Corporate Finance Theory and Practice. 

Elective courses(Subject to change)

Internal Control System Design, Financial Statement Analysis, Taxation System in China, Business English, Communication Skills, Strategic Management