About ACEM



Master of Finance

With the approval from the Ministry of Education, ACEM launched its Master of Finance (MF) program in the fall of 2010. As a two-year full-time program, MF program is committed to foster the highest levels of financial professionals with a curriculum rooted in modern financial theory and impart cutting-edge practical knowledge and skills to meet the rigors of today’s finance profession.



Facing the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center, combining the localization and Internationalization characteristics of financial market, the objective of MF program is to train and cultivate financial talents to master modern financial theoretical methods and technology, be proficient in operation ways and practices of Chinese and international financial industry.



Security Investments, Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, Risk Management and Insurance, International Finance, Money and Banking



Except ACEM faculties, we invite industry professionals and leaders to our faculty team which is still being developed.



The overall course setting is closely connected to the development of domestic and international financial market.


Compulsory Courses (Subject to change)

Business English, Financial Theory and Policy, Investment, Financial Data Analysis and Modeling, Financial derivative, Corporate Finance, Academic seminars, Commercial banking: Management and Practice


Elective courses (Subject to change)

Business Economics, Macroeconomics, Advanced Econometrics ,  Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Banking, Alternative Investment , China's macroeconomic analysis, Research projects in international finance and exchange rate , Fixed Income Securities, Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments,  a Merger and Acquisition , The securities investment styles and strategies , Corporation Law and Laws of Finance and Securities, Business English: Communication skills