2017 MIB Cohort Study Tour to Sichuan: Day 3

Today, our group had the opportunity to discover another side of Chengdu. We all know this city for the pandas and the spicy food, but we actually found out today that the capital of Sichuan is also a nest for high-tech companies. Today, we visited Business Big Data.

Even before we entered and properly began the visit, we were already impressed by the district in which the company had settled its headquarters; it is a new district with modern buildings and wide avenues. The most famous of them is the Global Center, the largest building of the world (in terms of floor area) built in 2013.

We were warmly welcomed at Business Big Data, and we are grateful towards them for opening their doors to us. Some staff showed us around the large offices, where we could see the employees working diligently in front of their computers. Later, we had the chance to not only attend a presentation of the company, but also a private Q&A session with some of the managers.

Business Big Data is a big data solutions provider. They basically use all the information they can get on companies, and analyze this data with the internally designed tools. For example, they could show us all the investment ecosystem around the Chinese company 小米, and the interface they use to show how high the risk represented by this company is. Their clients can, thanks to BBD, make decisions that are more effective.

We were all deeply impressed by BBD. The company was founded in 2013, which means that, at that time already, an entrepreneur in Chengdu was foreseeing the opportunity of the big data industry. This company and this industry are both relatively new, but very successful (around 3 billion RMB). And the government actually realized how precious BBD’s data analysis is, by being one of their major clients. Business Big data can help Chinese government agencies to assess risk about almost any Chinese company.

As mentioned earlier, this company visit ended with a Q&A session. Every student felt free to ask any question to four managers who took a bit of their precious time to answer our questions. We now know that Business Big Data is still growing, and that they have plenty of internships/jobs opportunities for foreign students! Some of us may consider joining the BBD’s team next year…

Overall, this company visit at BBD was for all of us a great experience. We would like to thank Anita, Stephanie, professor Lu for offering us such a rare opportunity, and all the Business Big Data’s team for their time and their explanations.