2018 MIB Welcome Reception and Team Building

On September 8, 2018, 39 international students, who come from 24 different countries all over the world, enrolled in the Master of International Business (MIB) program, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). To facilitate these newcomers, the MIB program prepared a Welcome Reception and an Orientation Day.

 Professor Fangruo Chen, Dean of ACEM, Professor Jie Yang, Party Committee Secretary of ACEM and Professor Guohua Wan, Associate Dean, attended the Welcome Reception to greet these newly-enrolled MIB students on Sept. 8. Professor  Lin Lu, MIB Academic Director, chaired the reception. Dean Chen delivered a welcome speech at the beginning. He said that as a Top university in China, SJTU was proud of fostering innovation and promoting knowledge on emerging market during the era of globalization, and ACEM is dedicated to educate talents in economics and management with international competencies. It promotes scientific and academic innovation, caters to economic and social development, and supports the growth of business. He then shared with the students his personal study and teaching experience at Wharton School of Business and Columbia University. Dean Chen also pointed out the importance of learning from the local context. Professor Lin Lu then gave an overview to MIB program, including the development history, size and composition, faculty and staff, curriculum design and student life on campus. Professor Guohua Wan and Professor Jieru Zhou greeted the students on behalf of the faculty. Moreover, Ms. Zhang Yi from ACEM International Office introduced resources and services available for international students. Some graduates from the MIB program were present at the reception. At the end of the reception, professor Jie Yang delivered a speech. He gave 10 tips of living in China and encourage the MIB students to study Chinese culture and develop global leadership.

 On Monday September 10th, 2018, the MIB program organized an Orientation Day for the newly-enrolled cohort. The aim is to help the students to get familiar with the campus life and Chinese business environment. MIB program coordinators Anita Li and Howard Wu chaired the first session by introducing the academic and student activities. Then the students were split into 6 groups with respective task of studying Chinese companies, such as MI , DI DI Dache, JD.com, Taobao, Mobike and Ele.me, etc. By interviewing staff and students on Xuhui campus, the 2018 MIB students gained a deeper understanding of the local companies and practiced their communication skills through teamwork. 

Professor Ningyu Tang, Associate Dean of ACEM, attended the Orientation activities and presented prizes to winner teams. She expressed her best wishes to the students and encouraged them to learn on this diversified cultural platform. The students were motivated and showed high-level enthusiasm for their study and life in SJTU.