MIB Hosts 2018 Top Antai International Student Camp

December 8, 2018. Xuhui Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)-16 young business professionals from 12 countries took a different approach, opting instead to come to Antai College of Economic and Management (ACEM) and Master of International Business (MIB) fit as part of 2018 Top Antai International Student Camp (the Camp). Diving into the action-packed lifestyle of full-time MIB students at ACEM, the campers got a taste of life both on and off campus through an academic lecture, an action learning project, individual interview and MIBers sharing. Read on to for highlights of the two-days program:
Day one: MIB Briefing, Interesting Academic Lecture and Action learning Project
Fred Liu, Deputy Director of ACEM Teaching Office opened the Camp by introducing ACEM and SJTU development history, MIB A-Z in terms of curriculum, application process as well as scholarship. Professor Lin LU then delivered a lecture themed on culture difference and team working with various examples and a game. One key purpose from the lecture was making the International campers understand how to finish a task when getting involved in a muti-culture team.
Next, the campers were randomly grouped with different cultural background students and each group was asked to select a team leader. Four groups were assigned a research project regarding Chinese sharing economy companies including Ziroom, Ele.com, JD.com and DiDi’s product or service and the group needs to complete the project on and off Campus by conducting interviews SJTU student/staff to gain a deep insight into the companies’ service or product (e.g. consumers’ attitude towards the companies’ service or products, the companies business model, its potential opportunity and weakness etc.). Moreover, to help the campers know MIB and ACEM as much as possible, the campers joined in a welcome dinner with MIBers of 2016 and 2018.
Day two: Project Presentation and Individual Interview
In the morning session, each group presented its research project findings and answered questions from a panel committee and the other groups. Each team’s project assignment was evaluated in terms of argument for perspective, explaining advantage and disadvantages, justifying assumptions made while researching, adequacy of inferences and conclusion drawn, quality and logic of presentation as well as skill in handling questions. All the groups did a great job and delivered clear and innovative points within 15 minutes. After the lunch, the campers got ready for individual interview by ACEM faculty members and staff. The interview was designed to assess the campers’ capability in terms of professional ability, research potential, English language, integrating degree and comprehensive ability. At the end of the Camp, it was full of encouragement, smiles and love among the campers. One of the campers said the Camp was a great platform to know MIB Program and ACEM very well and establish network with ACEM faculty members, camper mates as well as the current MIBers.
About MIB Program
MIB intends to create a community of diverse culture, and aims to train and develop talented students to have a comprehensive understanding of global business and a deep insight into China’s dynamic business environment as well as knowledge about China’s history, culture, law, and policy. Meanwhile, the program encourages and facilitate the students to approach and practice in the Chinese industries so that upon graduation they are equipped with both advanced knowledge and practical sense of doing business in China.
If you are interested in more details regarding the program, please log in http://www.acem.sjtu.edu.cn/mib/index.html .