The Announcement of Antai MIB Program Excellent Master Thesis Awards and Excellent Thesis Supervisor of Class 2021

The award is to honor master students who conduct excellent master researches and final presentations, as well as their thesis supervisor with the purposes 

-- to improve the quality of research and presentation skills

-- to promote students’ research enthusiasms and ambitions 

-- to create an active atmosphere in the final presentations

The awardees should be the master students who belong to MIB program at Antai college, and conduct excellent master’s thesis researches and final presentations.

After a thorough inspections and evaluations on the master thesis and the the final presentation, it is with great pleasure that we announce the winners for this year.

Name of Thesis Author

Thesis Supervisor

Thesis Title



 Brand-related User Generated Content vs. Professional  Generated Content: Effects on Brand Awareness



International photovoltaic trade between Europe and China in the face of antidumping measures' consequences

If you have any questions concerning the review result, please inquire Antai Academic Office (Room B301, Antai BLD, Xuhui campus) in written form before 16:00, June 24, 2021. Tel: +86-21-62932989. E-mail: