AI and Marketing Research Center 2022-07-11

The AI and Marketing Research Center was officially established in 2019 with the approval of the college. It is the first academic and applied research center in China to promote the integration of artificial intelligence technology with marketing and management. At present, the center has formed a strategic partnership with a group of top AI, big data and intelligent technology application enterprises and research institutions in China to jointly carry out various scientific research activities. The vision of the center is to promote the transformation and upgrading of management in the digital age through the application and research of intelligent technology.

Based on Antai School of Economics & Management of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the center brings together a group of experts and scholars from interdisciplinary fields, to give full play to its comprehensive advantages. At present, the center has undertaken academic research projects from the national level and a number of applied projects from enterprises, among which scientific research involves AI and education, AI and new media, AI and marketing, AI and retail, AI and finance and government big data application, etc. Focusing on the cutting-edge problems in the application of AI technology. The center hopes to open up the integration of academics and practice, technology and management through research, and finally truly promote the application of data technology and improve the progress of various management.