Global Summer Program

Antai Global Summer Program

Antai Global Summer Program is a three-week-long, credits-conferring, English-taught summer program focusing on Learning Business and Culture in China, which has been running since 2013. Each cohort, about 100 students from over 30 countries joined the program, and had great things to say about their experience in Shanghai.
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Why to join?

·          A three-week summer program integrating intense business education in China.

·          Conducted in the business center of China, Shanghai.

·          A diverse student body from top universities across continents.

·          A variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities – lectures, case study, corporate seminars, company visits, city sightseeing and cultural events.

·          A certificate from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and three SJTU academic credits upon successful completion of the program.


Overseas Summer Program

The College often offers opportunities of overseas summer programs to our students , which are provided by our international partners all over the world. Students may choose either some tuition-waived programs based on our exchange-based agreement with partners, or some payment programs. for example: 

1. Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

2. Tel Aviv University 

3. King's College London 

  • Free quota: 2

  • Fees: One session: £1350 (this fee includes 10% fee reduction) ; Two sessions: £2700 (this fee includes 10% fee reduction)

  • Eligibility: Undergraduates

  • Website: 

4. Solvay Brussels School 

  • Fees: Early bird discount of up to€90 off; students from partner universities can benefit from an other€65 discount.

  • Website:

  • Contact info:

5. Munich University of Applied Sciences