Antai College of Economics and Management
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Master of
International Business

Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) offers a Master of International Business (MIB) program that is specifically designed for international students who are interested in doing business in China. The MIB program at ACEM is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that provides students with a solid foundation in international business, management, and economics. The program is taught in English and is designed to give students a deep understanding of China's business environment, culture, and language. The program is an excellent choice for students who are interested in pursuing a career in international business, particularly in China. 

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ACEM's MIB journey has been an absolute blast, and I owe it all to my adorable classmates who make every moment super cute. Huge thanks to Antai for the incredible opportunities that have enriched this experience. Learning under this roof has been a constant source of fun, but beyond the good times, we hustle hard. Grateful for the memories and the collective grind, I've learned from every aspect of my surroundings, becoming more dynamic. Excited to carry this energy into the future, working hard and evolving together.

Andria Qendro (MIB 2020)

Pursuing the Master in International Business at Antai College transformed my understanding of business through hands-on learning and engaging case studies. ACEM's stellar reputation opened doors to fulfilling career opportunities and allowed me to spend a semester abroad in Seoul, in another prestigious partner College. Studying at SJTU's Xuhui campus immersed me in the dynamic pulse of Shanghai's financial hub, which helped boost my networking opportunities.
Enrolling in MIB program aligns with my personal goals, offering unique experiences in an international setting. This journey has fueled my passion, boosted my confidence, and set me on a path to make a meaningful impact in the evolving landscape of international business in China.

LU NI HU (MIB 2020)

In 2020 I started my journey at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in China. The MIB program provided me with essential knowledge in doing business in China including cross-cultural management and leadership skills, as well as enhancing and cultivating my Chinese language ability. On top of the theoretical part, the MIB program enabled me to put the learnt into practice by gathering hands on experience in multinational companies through several internship opportunities. I am deeply grateful for the two years as it has broadened my skillset and mindset and laid the foundation for a successful career here in China.

Chin Chon Yuen (MIB 2021)

SJTU’s MIB program champions in terms of combination of academic rigor, global perspective, and a diverse class profile. As a business student, I appreciate the curriculum that educated all students useful theories and their application in the business world. Professors conduct most of the classes by using case-study approach, which encourages group discussions and intellectual stimulation. The brand equity of the ACEM is so exceptional that it made my job applications stand out of the pool and helped me get some rewarding offers. An additional perk: studying in SJTU Xuhui campus put you at the centre of the city because you have all the accessibility to skyscrapers and financial institutions. Thus, there is no reason to not join this program if you are looking for a vibrant metropolis life and a bright career prospect.

Matias Zhao (MIB 2022)

Given that Antai College of Economics and Management is one of the top business schools in Asia and Shanghai is one of the most internationalized cities in China, Master of International Business program assists me in achieving goals in academy and future profession. This program provides me with opportunities for cross-cultural interactions and high-quality learning experiences in my graduate studies. Through the prestigious program, I have been able to follow my passions, grow in confidence, and finally decide my career path. I get the most out of my experience and academic achievements to reach my career goal of doing business in China.