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Alumni Network of Antai College| Sheng Hong: Breaking Through Is the Driving Force of Innovation 2022-12-05

Sheng Hong, an alumnus of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with a Ph.D. in management from KEDGE Business School, France, is currently the deputy chairman of IKD Company Co., Ltd.

As a graduate of Antai College, Sheng Hong embodies the spirit of self-breakthrough and innovation of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Three stages of his life can be well presented with his great personality.


Stage 1: Get out of the Comfort Zone

Before joining IKD Company Co., Ltd., Sheng Hong had worked in a foreign company for many years. Foreign-funded enterprises had a standardized management system for promotion, which should be a boon to staff. However, Sheng Hong encountered a career bottleneck after he was promoted to senior manager.

He finally made a big decision, giving up the well-paid position and being an entrepreneur in the manufacturing industry. In 2007, he became a partner of IKD Company Co., Ltd. Making such a big transition took great effort and was not easy. But when Sheng Hong looked back, he experienced a lot of joy and fulfillment during that period. He said, “ Instead of always staying in a comfort zone, embracing changes bravely is what we should do.”

After starting his own business, Sheng Hong also came back to campus to study management. In 2010, he became an EMBA student at Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This learning experience paved the way for his future career.

Stage 2: Conform to the Trend and Lead the Way

Sheng Hong believed, "China's manufacturing industry will undergo a period to upgrade as 5G technology continues to mature. For makers who formulate the strategy for corporate, they should be more far-sighted than their counterparts.” That’s what he did for IKD Company Co., Ltd.

Since 2016, IKD Company Co., Ltd. has been moving towards a digital factory. Applying the digital management system to IKD Company Co., Ltd. was Sheng Hong’s move to push the transformation and upgrading of the company. From real-time data collection, system solidification, and management notifications of production equipment to data analysis, cloud storage, and sharing, IKD Company Co., Ltd. has allowed its front-line employees and management to get the same information. This progress has greatly improved the efficiency of the corporate.

Apart from that, IKD Company Co., Ltd. carried out strategic cooperation with China Mobile when 5G was first for commercial use and built the first 5G+ digital factory workshop in Ningbo and the first 5G+ smart factory demonstration base in China. The technology-driven industrial upgrading is just one step that IKD Company Co., Ltd. has conformed to the trend and led the way. It has also planned the layout of global supply chains. In 2014, IKD Company Co., Ltd. established its first overseas factory in Mexico, and it established a European RandD center and a German branch in 2019.


Stage 3: Remain True to the Original Aspiration

IKD Company Co., Ltd. has always been persisting in the corporate culture of placing customers first and helping employees grow with the company. It is committed to upgrading the manufacturing industry and offering premium products to consumers and aims to become a century-old enterprise with its efforts. At the same time, IKD Company Co., Ltd. does not take profit as the top priority. It is a champion of employees’ career advancement. A good case is that more than 600 employees have become shareholders in this company.

Meanwhile, IKD Company Co., Ltd. is a company shouldering social responsibility. 2020 was a difficult year for IKD Company Co., Ltd., but it still cared about the whole community. In early 2020, IKD Company Co., Ltd. donated 1.5 million yuan to help society fight against the epidemic.


These three stages of experience have had a profound impact on Sheng Hong's life. They have shaped his personality of pursuing self-breakthrough, especially the time when he pursued study at Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Speaking of the period in Antai College, Sheng Hong is still full of appreciation. He mentioned, “ By studying EMBA at Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, I have obtained professional knowledge on management and made the acquaintance of the best teachers and classmates. Also, its EMBA program meets my expectations, no matter the ranking, reputation, faculty, curriculum, alumni relations, or even the campus environment and convenient geographical location. ”