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Focusing on ESG, the First Research Project Launched by HFT - ACEM Investor Education Base 2023-03-10

The first research project of HFT - ACEM Investor Education Base has been officially launched recently. The project focuses on ESG investment and provides references for bond investment target selection and risk control by analyzing the ESG performance of various regions. This project is not only expected to pioneer the theoretical research in this innovative field, but also to open up a unique path for the follow-up development of the investor education base.

HFT - ACEM Investor Education Base was established in July 2020 as the first investor education base jointly founded by a university and an enterprise in the fund industry, and was approved as a provincial investor education base in July 2021. At the beginning of the establishment, the cooperation intention on research has been reached by both parties, that is, with the Investor Education Base as the carrier, the research strength of the first-class institution of higher education and the practical experience of the financial institution will be synergized to produce achievements with guiding significance for investment practice, which in turn, can better serve the investors.

After a long period of exploration and discussion, the Investor Education Base has decided to position the first research topic in the field of ESG. With the deepening of the concept of green and sustainable development in the financial field, ESG has attracted more interest from all walks of life in recent years. Different from most institutions' research in the field of stock ESG investment, HFT - ACEM Investor Education Base will focus its research on bond investment, especially local government bond investment. Previous studies have shown that ESG factors have an important impact on local government debt risk and are of great significance to local government bond investment. Therefore, this study will focus on the ESG evaluation of local governments at the provincial level and several key cities in China, and use it as a basis to develop the ESG index system for local governments. The Base plans to further explore this innovative research field through this cooperation and contribute to the development of China's green finance.