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Navigating the Global Classroom: A Deep Dive into International Student Life, Margaretha, at Antai School of Economics and Management 2023-11-25

In the heart of Shanghai, where tradition meets innovation, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has become a beacon for global scholars seeking a transformative academic experience. Margaretha, a second-year Double Degree Master student from Germany, shares her remarkable journey, unveiling the cultural tapestry and educational brilliance that define Antai. 

Margaretha's story begins in Germany, where her passion for international business led her to Antai. With a background in the automotive industry and IT consulting, she embarked on a Double Degree Master, intertwining her studies at Antai’s Master of International Business (MIB) with a Master's in International Finance at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal.


Motivated by the prospect of earning two Master titles in an international environment, Margaretha found herself immersed in the dynamic academic programs at Antai MIB. She appreciates the personal touch that teachers bring to their courses, sharing real-life experiences and infusing enthusiasm into the learning process. This approach, she notes, adds a unique and valuable dimension to her education. The diverse international student community at Antai has also played a pivotal role in shaping Margaretha's perspective. She emphasizes the unity among students from around the world, transcending geopolitical boundaries. In a world often divided, she sees her fellow students as a testament to the power of shared interests and common humanity. 

Margaretha's cultural exploration in China extends beyond the classroom. Recounting a birthday trip to Huangshan, she reflects on the challenges of hiking through crowds, turning it into a metaphor for finding beauty in adversity. Her love for the countryside and exploration of “AAAAA-rated touristic site”she said, showcasing the richness of China's cultural tapestry. In addition, looking toward the future, sheenvisions her Antai education as a bridge-builder. As she sees language acquisition, particularly Mandarin,as a means to connect with colleagues and friends. Recognizing the importance of global collaboration, she anticipates her Antai experience will equip her with the tools to overcome future challenges. 


As for prospective international students, Margaretha wholeheartedly recommends Antai, especially for those considering the Double Degree program. She describes Antai as welcoming, supportive, and academically robust. Shanghai, with its vibrant energy, becomes an integral part of the recommendation, and Margaretha takes pride in showcasing the Xuhui Campus to friends back home. Although navigating life in a new country can be challenging, Margaretha applauds Antai for its structured approach to supporting international students. She acknowledges the clarity in information dissemination and highlights the support from the international office, thanking “Aaron” for his supportive assistance. 

Margaretha's journey at Antai School of Economics and Management is more than an academic pursuit; it's a cultural immersion, a personal growth story, and a testament to the enduring impact of an international education in the heart of China's bustling metropolis.

Source: International Office

Editors: Mahmoud Sultan, Qi XU

Supervised & Reviewed by: Haihui WANG, Ming JIANG, Qi XU